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Creative Idea For Webdesign Company In Ahmedabad


Audience Engage

An on-line presentation should never be static activity. On the flip side, the more your audience participates, the more efficient it's. Integrate as much interactivity as possible into your on-line presentation by including scenarios, eLearning games, and drag and drop interactions, always making certain that your navigation system is easy enough to use. When your learners interact with your eLearning content, their level of engagement automatically raise. In addition, consider leaving a thought provoking question for the end of your on-line Presentations, if you leave your learners with an intriguing question they can't answer right away, and you make them think about it hours after your on-line presentation is over, you've done a great job. Make certain, however, that this question will be answered later on in the eLearning course.

Tell a story

By integrating the stories into your on-line Presentations you can bring your learners to your world. Irrespective of how many facts and figures you must use for making your point, you can instantly turn dull material into something thrilling by sharing a story behind it. Research the background of your subject matter, build a storyline around it, develop your characters, and let them narrate the facts. Everyone loves stories, storytelling is among the best on-line presentation ideas in order for eLearning professionals to truly capture and engage their audience, as are all by default more attracted to stories than to abstract ideas.


Adding a soundtrack to your on-line presentation will really take it to another level. Music creates emotional responses because it says the words can't express, communicates a feel good vibe, and instantly connects people. In addition, strong melodic hooks become easily memorable, as they catch the attention of your audience and slip the portions of your eLearning content which are encompassed by music in their long term memory. Just remember to give copyright credit to the composer and obey licensing laws.


A good video can bring in your on-line presentation of life that static slides lack. ELearning videos can optimize the effectiveness of your on-line presentation, so long as you do not use them as well frequently, a maximum of 3 short videos is more than enough. A wise idea is to utilize well known movie clips, as when your students learn the material it's easier for them to establish links with the eLearning content presented. In addition, you may create and produce your very own eLearning videos, in order that you could be more focused on your eLearning content and directly communicate your eLearning goals.

Creative Webdesign Video In Ahmedabad
Creative Idea For Web Design In Ahmedabad

Bullet points with strong images

While the adage a picture is worth a thousand words, is pretty much as cliché, as it gets, it is 100% true. Picture superiority effect isn't a myth, images communicate concepts faster and more efficiently, as they're more inclined to be remembered than words, even when These words are just a few and presented as bullet points. But be cautious, If you use stock images or you create your very own pictures, you always need to keep in mind that for your visuals to be effective, they must be of top quality and relevant to your eLearning content. Low resolution, horny, unrealistic and unimportant for your subject images, won't only fail to get your point across, but they'll also decrease the effectiveness of you eLearning content, as they can be distracting and confusing.

All in all, do not hesitate to be very selective and take the extra time to find or create aesthetically pleasing images which are directly relates to your message.


Animations do not Just remove language barriers, when used correctly, they can turn your on-line Presentation in an almost cinematic experience. Nevertheless, as it happens with images, they simply do not work if they're distracting. They may easily get irritating, so choose them cautiously and do not overwhelm your on-line presentation with a lot of bells and whistles. Use tasteful animated characters to demonstrate key points and communicate your more complicated topics, and consider implementing a friendly narrative to accompany them, in order to raise your learners engagement levels.

Surprises coming

Lastly, consider not relying only on thoroughly tested recipes. To use your on-line presentation for creating a memorable eLearning experience you must intrigue your audience by keeping the surprises coming. Enrich your message with eLearning tools and ways that your learners aren't anticipating and you may be certain your on-line presentation will remain in your audience's minds for a long, long, time.